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Grammar Lesson 4

Personal Pronouns я, ты, он, она, оно, мы, вы, они. Ты vs. Вы

Russian grammar and vocabulary. Unit 1
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Grammar Lesson 4
Personal Pronouns я, ты, он, она, оно, мы, вы, они. Ты vs. Вы
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 Грамматика                                                 Personal Pronouns

1. Personal pronouns
Memorize Russian personal pronouns:



он, она, оно


you (singular)

he, she, it





you (plural)



Study the usage of personal pronouns. Click the following statements to listen, then read them aloud. 

1. - Я студент. А ты?

1. - I am a student. And you?

2. - Я тоже студент.

2. - I am a student too.

3. - Мы студенты. А вы?

3. - We are students. And you?

4. - Мы тоже студенты.

4. - We are students too.

5. - Он студент. А она?

5. - He is a student. And she?

6. - Она тоже студентка.

6. - She is a student too.

7. - Где письмо? - Вот оно!

7. - Where is the letter? - Here it is!

8. - Где студенты? - Вот они!

8. - Where are students? - Here they are!


Remember that the pronouns он and она are used to replace not only animate nouns (such as a boy, a girl, a student, etc.), but also inanimate (such as a house, a pencil, a pen , etc.). Compare:

9. - Где карандаш? - Вот он!

9. - Where is the pencil? - Here it is!

10. - Где ручка? - Вот она!

10. - Where is the pen? - Here it is!



2. Pronouns ты and вы
In Russian there are two different words for you: ты and вы
  • Вы is used whenever you are speaking to more than one person, or as a formal way of addressing one person. In a formal letter the pronoun Вы is capitalized when used to address one person on formal/polite terms.
  • Ты is used whenever you are speaking informally to one person only. You would use ты to address a child or a friend. 
  • The younger generation prefer the less formal ты while older people often feel more comfortable using Вы.
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