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Grammar Lesson 9

Location. Prepositions в (во) and на. В доме vs. дома

Russian grammar and vocabulary. Unit 3
Grammar Lesson 9
Location. Prepositions в (во) and на. В доме vs. дома
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 Грамматика                                                     Prepositions в, на

1. Prepositions в (во) and на
  The prepositions в (во) - "in, inside" and на - "on, on the surface of" followed by nouns in the prepositional case are used to indicate location. For Example: в сумке - in the bag; в комнате - in the room; на столе - on the table; на стене - on the wall.
 Study the following examples. Click each statement to listen, then say it.

1. - Мой учебник в сумке.

1. - My textbook is in the bag.

2. - Мой друг сейчас во Франции, в Париже.

2. - My friend is in France, in Paris now.

3. - Моя сестра сейчас в России, в Москве.

3. - My friend is in Russia, in Moscow now.

4. - Твоя ручка на столе.

4. - Your pen in on the table.


  • The preposition в becomes во before a word starting in two consonants with the first в or ф, for example: во Владивостоке, во Франции (во is always unstressed, therefore it pronounced as [ва]).
  • Because of the consonant cluster rule в is pronounced as [ф] before voiceless consonants. Compare: в сумке [ф сумк']; в Париже [ф париж] and в России [в рас'и], в Москве [в маскв'е].
2. Location: В or НА? 
Both prepositions в and на are used to indicate location in place of English "in", "at" and "on".


The preposition в is used:
1) with most places, buildings and certain parts of buildings, for example:

 2)  with cities, towns and countries, for example:


 в университете 

 в аудитории 

 в школе 

 в театре 

 в офисе 

 в комнате

 в классе


(in, at) university

(in, at) lecture-room

(in, at) school

(in, at) theatre

(in, at) office

(in, at) room

(in) class


 в городе 

 в деревне

 в стране

 в Москве 

 в Канаде 

 в Росси и


(in) city

(in) village

(in) country/state

(in) Moscow

(in) Canada

(in) Russia

The preposition на is used:
1)  with the names of a few places that must be memorized:

2)  with the names of events, activities, for example:


 на заводе 

 на даче 

 на вокзале 

 на ста нции

 на стадионе
 на ку хне

 на кафере

 на факультете

 на курсе


 (in, at) factory

 (in, at) cottage out of town

 (in, at) railway station

 (in, at) station

  (in, at) stadium

 (in, at) kitchen

 (in, at) department

 (in, at) faculty

 in a year of univercity



 на лекции 

 на балете

 на собрании 

 на уроке 

 на концерте 

 на рабо те



 (at) lecture

 (at) ballet

 (at) meeting

 (at) lesson

 (at) concert

 (at) work

3) with certain parts of city that must be memorized:

4) with names of islands and peninsulas, and with points on the compass:


 на улице 

 на площади 

 на проспе кте





 (in, at) street

 (in, at) square

 (in, at) broad street


 на острове 

 на Аляске 

 на севере 

 на юге 

 на западе 

 на восто ке


 (on) island

  in Alaska

  in the North

  in the South

  in the West

  in the East

3. В доме vs дома

 Learn the difference between two expressions:

  • в доме - means  "in a building/house"
  • дома - means  "at home"
  Compare the following examples:

1. Наша квартира в доме номер 7.

1. Our apartment is in the building (house) number 7.

2. Мама на работе, а бабушка дома.

2. Mom is at work, but grandma is at home.

Reading  Чтение



Read the text below and answer the following questions:


1. Где я *живу?

2. Где моя квартира?

3. Где *сегодня вечером мама и папа?

4. Где сегодня вечером моя сестра?

*я живу - I live

*сегодня вечером - tonight



Я живу в Москве на улице "Пушкинская". Моя квартира в доме № 9.

Сегодня вечером мама и папа в консерватории на концерте, а сестра Оля дома.


Exercises  Упражнения
Decide between 'в' and 'на'
Fill in the blanks with nouns and prepositions
Decide between 'в доме' and 'дома'

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