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Phrasebook Topic 10

Learn numbers 200-1000 in Russian

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Phrasebook Topic 9
Learn numbers 21-199 in Russian
Phrasebook Topic 10
Learn numbers 200-1000 in Russian
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Check what you have learned from Grammar Lessons 9-12 and Phrasebook Topics 9-10.

 Лексика                                                  Numbers 200-1000   Числа 200-1000

Numbers 200-1000

You already know numbers 1-199. From this lesson you will learn to recognize numbers 200 through 1000.

Listen to the following numbers. Click each number to listen. Repeat the numbers, imitating their pronunciation. Note vowels reduction.


 Numbers  Analysis

 200      двести

 два -> две + сти

   the elements -сти, -ста, -сот

  mean "hundred"

 300      триста

 три + ста

 400      четыреста

 четыре + ста

 500      пятьсот


 600      шестьсот 

 шесть + сот

 700      семьсот


 800      восемьсот


 900      девятьсот


 1000    тысяча



  • The combination of letters тьс is pronounced as [ц]: пятьсот [п'ицот], девятьсот [д'в'ицот].
  • The combination of letters стьс is pronounced as [сс]: шестьсот [шиссот].
  • The soft sign after м in семьсот and восемьсот is spelled historically and does not influence the pronunciation of м in these particular words. The letter м is pronounced hard here.

Listen as many times as you need, read the numbers aloud at least three times each and memorize them.



Compound numbers 

No matter how long a compound number is, it is formed by placing simple numbers in sequence: двадцать один - 21, сто двадцать один - 121, тысяча сто двадцать один - 1121, тысяча двести тридцать четыре - 1234.

Here are some examples of compound numbers:

1121     тысяча сто двадцать один

1234     тысяча двести тридцать четыре

Read the following numbers aloud: 22, 23, 39, 47, 113, 515, 325, 237, 458, 664, 876, 988, 791

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