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Grammar Lesson 19

The -ова- Stem Verbs. The verb любить - to love

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Grammar Lesson 19
The -ова- Stem Verbs. The verb любить - to love
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 Грамматика                                The -ова- Stem Verbs and the Verb любить - to love



 The -ова- Stem Verbs
  Verbs with the suffix -ова- (-ева-): рисовать (to draw), танцевать (to dance) belong to the group of -ова- stem verbs. These verbs have first conjugation endings. In all present tense forms, the suffix -ова- is replaced by -у-
   Listen the following phrases and read them aloud:

1. Ребёнок рисует дом.

A child is drawing a house.

2. Я рисую горы и деревья.

I'm drawing mountains and trees.

3. Наши дети очень хорошо танцуют.

Our children dance very well.

Study the forms of the verbs рисовать and танцевать:


 Infinitive    рисовать (1)  танцевать (1)
 Present tense     


 он, она
















 Past tense







 рисова -ли




 танцева -ли

  • Note that the suffix -ова- is replaced by -у- in the present tense only. 
  • The suffix -ова- remains in the past tense, and regular past tense endings are added after the suffix. Compare: читать - читал, рисовать - рисовал.
  • If the stem suffix (-ова- / -ева-) is stressed, than the present tense forms will always have the suffix -у- stressed.


 The -ова- Stem Verbs with Foreign Roots
  The group of -ова- stem verbs is very productive and includes many words with foreign roots. Listen to the following -ова- stem verbs and read them aloud. Guess what they mean.

 1. анализировать

 2. игнорировать

 3. организовать

 4. программировать

 5. регистрировать

 6. тестировать

  Click the  to find out if you have guessed right!

Most -ова- stem verbs are transitive, this means they can take a direct object. Compare:  игнорировать проблему, анализировать материал, тестировать программу; рисовать дом, танцевать вальс.


 3.  The verb любить - to love
  Любить is a transitive verb second conjugation. It takes a direct object (a noun or a noun phrase in the Accusative case). Listen and repeat:

1. Я люблю шоколад.

 I love chocolate.

2. Мы любим пиццу.

 We love pizza.

3. Дочка любит маму.

 3. Daughter loves mom.

   Study the present and past tense forms of the second conjugation verb любить - to love: 
 Infinitive    любить (2)
 Present tense   


 он, она










 Past tense








  • Note that я-form has an extra letter л added to the verb stem:  люблю. The other present tense forms have regular second conjugation endings.
  • Also note the shifting stress (type В). The stress falls on the ending in the infinitive: любить and in the first person singular - я люблю, then it is shifted to the stem in all other forms: ты любишь, он любит, мы любим, вы любите, они любят.
  • Past tense forms have regular past tense endings added to the infinitive stem.
  The verb любить is often followed by another verb in the infinitive form.  Listen and repeat.

1. Я люблю читать русские книги.

 I love to read Russian books.

2. Мы любим рисовать. 

 We love to draw.

3. Дети любят играть, петь и танцевать. 

 Children love to play, to sing, and to dance.

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