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Phrasebook Topic 18

Shopping for Gifts

Russian grammar and vocabulary. Unit 8
Grammar Lesson 33
Verbs of Going: Unidirectional and Multidirectional (идти vs ходить). Present Tense forms of идти, ходить, ехать, ездить). Past Tense of Going Verbs. Introduction
Grammar Lesson 34
Uses of the Dative Case: Subjectless Expressions with Dative. Expressing Necessity, possibility and permission. Expressing Age
Grammar Lesson 35
Expressing Likes and Dislikes: verbs нравиться and любить
Phrasebook Topic 18
Shopping for Gifts

 Лексика                                        Shopping for Gifts - Покупаем подарки

Russian Souvenirs - Русские сувениры
The words and phrases below will help you shopping for gifts in Russia.

Listen to the following words. Repeat them after speaker:



 сувенирный магазин

souvenir store


department store, mall


wooden doll

 Палехская шкатулка

Palekh box

 Пасхальное яйцо

Easter egg cup (made of wood or stone)





Culture Notes 

  • You will find many unique folk arts and crafts in Russia. Among the most popular are matrioshka  wooden dolls, egg cups and lacquered miniature boxes made in the villages of Palekh, Mstiora, Kholui, and Fedoskino. Scenes from Russian fairy tales, historical and literary characters are painted on the miniature boxes in glowing colors on a black-lacquered background. Often, the smaller the box, the more valuable it is.

  • If you wish to purchase a traditional Russian souvenir, it is important to realize that the relatively high price on some items (like egg cups, matrioshka  wooden dolls or Palekh boxes) reflects the fact that they are works of art. They are usually crafted and painted by hand, not mass produced. To avoid buying a fake, make sure that the item has a trademark and/or the name of the artist underneath. Items decorated with a transfer usually sold much cheaper.





       Матрёшка                  Пасхальное яйцо



Палехская шкатулка

Listen to the phrases you may here while shopping:

1. Вам помочь?

How can I help you?

2. Вот, пожалуйста, посмотрите.

Here it is. Please take a look.

3. Это ручная работа.

This one is hand crafted.

Listen to the phrases you can use in a store. Repeat them after speaker:

1. Покажите, пожалуйста, эту шкатулку.

Show me, please, this little box.

2. Сколько это стоит?

How much does it cost?

3. Скажите, это ручная работа?

Tell me, is this a handicraft item?

4. Я это покупаю.

I'll take this. (literally: I'm buying this)

5. Спасибо, это не надо.

Not this one, thank you.
Listening: Buying souvenirs/ Покупаем сувениры
You will hear a dialogue between a tourist and a shop assistant. Read the following questions before listening. 
1. Что хочет купить турист?

2. Что посоветовала продавщица?

3. В магазине есть самовар?

4. Что купил в магазине турист?

5. Сколько это стоит?


Click on the speaker to listen and find out the answers to the questions above.


Try to write down this dialogue. Listen as many time as you need. 

After you have finished, click on the  to check what you have written.

 Speaking: Покупаем сувениры

Think of five questions you can ask shop assistant at a souvenir store. Write them out. Memorize and ask these questions without looking at your notes.


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