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Grammar Lesson 28

Verbs that take the Dative Case. The preposition по

Russian grammar and vocabulary. Unit 7
Grammar Lesson 28
Verbs that take the Dative Case. The preposition по
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 Грамматика                                     Dative Case with Certain Verbs and Prepositions

   Verbs that take the Dative Case 
The Dative Case is used to indicate a receiver of the action of certain intransitive verbs (i.e. verbs which do not take a direct object in Russian). From this lesson you will learn three of such verbs:

 звонить (звон-ю, -ишь, -ят) - to phone, to call

 помогать (помога-ю, -ешь, -ют) - to help

 советовать (совету-ю, -ешь, -ют)- to advise 

Listen and repeat:

1. Вчера я звонил моему русскому другу.

1. Yesterday I phoned my Russian friend.

2. Я всегда помогаю моей сестре.

2. I always help my sister.

3. Друзья советуют Тане купить эту машину.

3. Friends advise Tanya to buy this car.

2. The Preposition по
The Dative case is also used for objects of the preposition по. Study some basic uses and meanings of that preposition.


  • по + a noun denoting a field of work or branch of science means "on" or "in the field of"
Listen and repeat:

1. Анна специалист по русской истории.

1. Anna is a specialist in (in the field of) Russian literature.

2. Вчера я купил учебник по русскому языку.

2. Yesterday I bought a Russian language textbook.

3. Профессор читает лекцию по физике.

3. Professor is giving a lecture on physics.

  • по + lines of communication means "by", "on", "along lines of communication"
Listen and repeat:

1. Я смотрел этот фильм по телевизору.

1. I saw this movie on television.

2. Мы долго говорили по телефону.

2. We were talking on the phone for a long time.

3. Он отправил письмо по электронной почте.

3. He sent the message by e-mail.

Exercises  Упражнения
Practice using verbs that take the Dative
Dative Case after the preposition по

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